Tuesday, January 11, 2011

dear love

listening to; emergency-tank

This poem is for you love...

I keep reaching but I can't seem to grab it
thinking about it has become such a nasty habit
that I can't seem to shake!!!
I be damned if I just settle
Cuz deep in my heart I know better
I'm trying really hard...
to not see it as a regret
but I just can't keep holding my breath
cuz I know in the end I'll have nothing left.
I want to believe it would changed like it promised me
but now its too late for apologies
It did the dirty work & left me cold-hearted
I was left to pick up the pieces;
finish the very thing that it started
I should have known better
then to think it would only be mine; its feelings for me would grow in time
feels like I'm broken; incapable of being fixed
If anyone asks; its the one that did this
All the people its hurt; it should really be ashamed
Now my feelings for it will never be the same

Love just keeps hatin on me...
So I hate it right back... faithfully

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