Monday, January 10, 2011

alone; the perfect company

listening to; Contemplate-Wale

"So you think I'm alone...
...but alone is the only way to be."
-janelle monae

So someone told me I'm always alone
that I'm always relaxing by myself...
to be completely honest I enjoy my alone time
I love the fact that I can sit alone with
just me & my thoughts!!
I figure that if I can't enjoy being by
myself, then how can I truly enjoy
the time I spend with others...
The time I choose to spend with people
I care about seems so much more special!
So if I stay home instead of wanting to go out to
the club where I spend $20 to get in the door...
which will be crowded with....
overpriced and watered down liquor
sweaty alchy-breathed people...
not to mention the men who can't even form a decent
sentence while breathing down my neck!!!

& don't get me wrong... I can have fun wit my girls
-it is wat you make it- but...
I will choose a day @ home wit a funny movie
or a warm relaxing vanilla bubble bath.

*i have no problem bein alone! ;)

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