Sunday, January 30, 2011


                           *listening to; act right- teairra marie

Rite now I'm really trying to get into the habit of eating healthier foods. Like fruits, veggies, whole, unprocessed foods and meats. i feel like if i go to a fast-food restaurant and pick up a burger and fries... I'm going to feel like a burger and fries later. *i'll feel all sluggish, bloated, drained of energy and just plain fat!!! And with all the stuff goin on with me, even a little lack of energy ...i can't have that!! So from now on its just veggies and fruits and lots of h2O. :) Overall i think ill feel so much better and have a lot more energy!!
For great recipe's visit so far i got my eye on the lemon yogurt cookies! YUMM!! :P

Thursday, January 27, 2011

-Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends slippers.
*feat. cheese & blue

*listening to; love me again- yemi pade

Sunday, January 23, 2011

*listening to; my territory- mario

... so i've came up with a lil' project...
im goin to take a picture of something/someone different each day!
i guess you could say its goin to be 365 days of my life... 
& various things im surrounded by
im aware that i've missed about a month already -24 days to be exact
but i will make up for it!  :} im officially excited!!!
first picture will be up later today...
ttfn &hearts

Saturday, January 22, 2011


random picture #1 
listening to; janelle monae- you

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

dear love

listening to; emergency-tank

This poem is for you love...

I keep reaching but I can't seem to grab it
thinking about it has become such a nasty habit
that I can't seem to shake!!!
I be damned if I just settle
Cuz deep in my heart I know better
I'm trying really hard...
to not see it as a regret
but I just can't keep holding my breath
cuz I know in the end I'll have nothing left.
I want to believe it would changed like it promised me
but now its too late for apologies
It did the dirty work & left me cold-hearted
I was left to pick up the pieces;
finish the very thing that it started
I should have known better
then to think it would only be mine; its feelings for me would grow in time
feels like I'm broken; incapable of being fixed
If anyone asks; its the one that did this
All the people its hurt; it should really be ashamed
Now my feelings for it will never be the same

Love just keeps hatin on me...
So I hate it right back... faithfully

Monday, January 10, 2011

alone; the perfect company

listening to; Contemplate-Wale

"So you think I'm alone...
...but alone is the only way to be."
-janelle monae

So someone told me I'm always alone
that I'm always relaxing by myself...
to be completely honest I enjoy my alone time
I love the fact that I can sit alone with
just me & my thoughts!!
I figure that if I can't enjoy being by
myself, then how can I truly enjoy
the time I spend with others...
The time I choose to spend with people
I care about seems so much more special!
So if I stay home instead of wanting to go out to
the club where I spend $20 to get in the door...
which will be crowded with....
overpriced and watered down liquor
sweaty alchy-breathed people...
not to mention the men who can't even form a decent
sentence while breathing down my neck!!!

& don't get me wrong... I can have fun wit my girls
-it is wat you make it- but...
I will choose a day @ home wit a funny movie
or a warm relaxing vanilla bubble bath.

*i have no problem bein alone! ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

not so NEW

its a new year...
which should bring new thangs rite?
but its the 2nd week in january: 
&i haven't experienced anything new yet....
Lately i have been doing a lot of shoppin!
shoppin= my disease; i got a problem.
welp erybody got issues "ya know"
....on another note....
Happy New Year to eryone!
i hope this 2011 brings you prosperity 
& courange... to not be afraid of teetering- 
towards the deep end and takin risks!!