Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iwrite. . .poetry ;]

Living Without You
I keep lookin in all the places
where your supposed to be.
But I never seem to find you,
cuz your all I long to see.
I just can't seem to understand,
what it was that made you change your mind.
All this time I thought I knew,
when I was really blind
But I know that I don't hate you,
and I know I never will.
cuz I cared about you then
and I care about you still.
time we take for granted
the time i coulda spent with you
i wish i would've embraced all i was given
time waits for no one
& now your in heaven
-dedicated to chris [my soldier] i miss you

Monday, March 16, 2009

gotta love for kickz

Ima all time shoe fanatic & i love custom made shoes, sneakz, heels, flopz wateva, don't matta i love em all! fyi im workin on some rite now of my very own! dese one of a kind of kickz rite hurr are made by k jax & if you ask me he did a helluve a dayum job! raww as hell i love em. ;}

Sunday, March 15, 2009

da best of da best [DRAKE]

He's been da "best" since day 1. His so far gone cd is ill. Evry track has its own uniqueness, and flava. If you havn't cheked dis out make sure to do so!  

my town

So dis is da place i call home [lil boring] iowa. lOl lots of people believe dat NO black folks live hurr ahhh haa but im proof dat we do! ;} & sorry if my post is all short but im new to dis blog thang & i need ta get use to it!